Halloween Village Train



The Winter Village has its train - now it's time for Autumn to have one! This Halloween Village Train includes instructions for a locomotive (fully compatible with Power Functions), tender, caBOOse, and five cars: 

- a Frankenstein Car, with SPINNING lightning rods to spark life into the monster on the slab.

- a Man-Eating Plant Car, covered in vines and mushrooms with SNAPPING jaws as the train rattles along.

- a Skeleton Stock Car, which two skeletal horses. 

- a Pumpkin Car, filled with varying sizes of pumpkins and watched over by a scarecrow.

- a Toxic Tanker Car, with two SWIRLING cauldrons filled with acid. 

Each of the instructions is packaged individually so it's easy to order and build only the cars you're after!



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Purchases are for PDF instructions and XML parts lists only. No Lego bricks are included.