Winter Village Theater



Currently staging a production of The Nutcracker, the Winter Village Theater comes with a quaint theater building, popcorn cart, and raised wooden seats. The set includes three fun play features: firstly, by turning a handle on the back of the model, the Sugar Plum Fairy dances around the stage! Secondly, the set includes two additional backdrops (a forest, and a snow/starfield, in additional to the mountain castle) that can be dropped into the back of the stage. And thirdly, two light bricks are directed at the stage to spotlight the two performers.



Files will be sent to the email address given during purchase, typically within 24 hours.


Files are provided for personal use only. The files and designs are copyrighted, and cannot be distributed or used commercially without written permission.


Purchases are for PDF instructions and XML parts lists only. No Lego bricks are included.